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We’ve built strong relationships with 50+ clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our extensive talent pool comprises more than 6500 skilled professionals ready to contribute to your success.

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We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by adding real value to their business. Our ambition for our clients’ success comes from our proactiveness. We help clients to expand into new challenges, markets, and services.

Modern Medical Factory

In the heart of Qatar, a vision took shape. With determination, we built a team of dedicated medical experts and efficient storekeepers. Together, we streamlined warehouse operations, ensuring timely delivery of vital medical supplies to every corner of the nation. Our goal: to empower Qatar’s healthcare industry and foster growth, becoming a leading player in the nation’s well-being. Today, that vision is our reality, transforming healthcare across Qatar.

Doha National Food Industries

In alignment with Qatar’s visionary goals for 2030, we have provided a proficient team of warehouse food processing staff. Our dedicated workforce plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations, guaranteeing the seamless delivery of food-related products across the nation. Our commitment to this mission is driven by a collective vision to ensure the well-being of all Qatar’s residents, contributing to the nation’s prosperity and sustainability.

Central Projects Engineering Services & Trading

We are delivering top-notch ELV mechanics and skilled oxygen gas operators to support critical healthcare infrastructure in multiple projects across Qatar. Our dedicated Mechanical Fitters ensure the seamless operation of essential medical equipment, contributing to the advancement of the health industry. We proudly provide proficient MS Operator/Control Room Operators who play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and safety of healthcare facilities. Additionally, our expert Medical Gas Supervisors and proficient ELV Technicians bolster healthcare services, reinforcing the healthcare sector’s commitment to excellence in Qatar.

Brick Stone Trading & Contracting

We have successfully mobilized a dedicated team of professionals, including civil engineers, quality auditors, environmental engineers, quality control experts, foremen, supervisors, and skilled labors for the prestigious Q-CITY 42 Villas + Clubhouse Project in Umm-Salaal. This project caters to the aspirations of countless home seekers in search of serene and exclusive residential units. Our meticulously designed units epitomize the pinnacle of luxury living, offering unparalleled comfort and spaciousness that rivals even the most expansive estates. Our commitment to delivering a project exceeds customer expectations.

City Task Force

Dedicated security personnel have been strategically deployed throughout the diverse sectors of the FIFA 2023 Qatar project. From safeguarding the opulent hotels to ensuring the safety of the state-of-the-art stadiums and luxurious villas, we have meticulously executed our security responsibilities with unwavering commitment and expertise. Our resolute dedication and professionalism shine through in every aspect of our work, leaving no doubt that we have successfully fulfilled our duty in safeguarding this prestigious project.

Q Force Security

Our security personnel have been strategically stationed across both government institutions and private enterprises, playing a pivotal role in bolstering safety and security throughout the region. This aligns perfectly with our vision for Qatar in 2030, where we aspire to be a beacon of safety, ensuring the well-being of all our residents and visitors. Our commitment to safeguarding lives and assets remains unwavering as we strive to achieve this visionary goal.

Fast Way Delivery

Deploying dedicated bike delivery riders across Qatar underscores our unwavering commitment to prioritizing operational excellence. By strategically enhancing our workforce, we ensure that every facet of our company’s operations flows seamlessly. This proactive measure not only accelerates deliveries but also allows us to consistently surpass our goals well before the established deadlines. In our pursuit of excellence, the foundation of our success lies in the relentless focus on efficient operations.

Al Jassim Group

We ensure that restaurant chains have a proficient workforce, meticulously meeting their staffing needs. This dedicated workforce guarantees the consistent high quality of food and efficient operations, resulting in exceptional service for customers. Our commitment lies in maintaining a seamless and proficient staffing solution for the restaurant industry, fostering a positive dining experience for all patrons. With our assistance, restaurant chains thrive in delivering top-notch food quality and operational excellence while providing exemplary customer service.

Mr. Valet

We bring a wealth of experience to the forefront, catering to valet parking services at Qatar’s premier luxury hotels, upscale apartments, vibrant entertainment hubs, and bustling shopping malls. Our goal is to provide an effortless parking experience for both VIP and regular customers, ensuring that traffic flows seamlessly, creating a haven of convenience and sophistication.

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Reliable partner for our hiring process helped us to focus on our expertise while hiring process executed by Roots whose expertise has been invaluable.

Abdual Rehman Al Nabit

CEO, Morden Medical Factory

I highly recommend Roots as a diligent & extremely professional consultant who helped me find the skilled professionals & identified the key criteria I was looking for in my candidates.

Mohan Kirshanan

CEO, Al Jassim Group

After using the Roots services, I have found them to be very professional and dedicated to finding the right person we needed. They definitely have taken the hassles out of hiring staff.

Dilip Kumar Mandal

CEO, Midar Facility Management

Highly recommended! Their personalized approach and quality candidates set them apart.

Haithem Bouafif

CEO, Spring For Electro & Mechanical Works

Received high quality resources, at short notice, for large scale projects helped reduce workloads and deliver prior deadline.

Mohamed El Haythem

CEO, Q – Force

Their expertise in finding the perfect fit is unparalleled – a game-changer for our company.

Sujinder Singh

CEO, Lassarat Qatar

A trusted partner in our success story.

Hassan Elbana

CEO, Saqr Architectural

Our go-to source for exceptional talent

Mohammed Ihssan Jaber

CEO, Mr. Valet Qatar

Smooth, seamless, and successful recruitment

Mostak Ansari

CEO, Srk Tourism & Services

Transformed our hiring process, delivering top talent every time.

Mohammed Khamis R A Al Kuwari

CEO, Sunset Salon nails

Results speak for themselves! Their candidates have made a significant impact on our growth.

Issa Ibrahim Md Ali Abdhulla

CEO, Pure Next Trading, Cont & Services

Best in the business! Their candidates have become integral members of our team.

Mohammed Shahbaz

CEO, Cube General Contracting

Best in the business! Their candidates have become integral members of our team.

Mohammed Shahbaz

CEO, Cube General Contracting

After using the Roots, I have found them to be very professional and dedicated to finding the right person. They definitely have taken the hassles out of hiring staff.

Dilip Kumar Mandal

CEO, Midar Facility Management

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